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About Us

Our team is composed
of consummate experts in our field
with 15+ years of experience
and unique know-how

Our approach is built on close cooperation and trust. We act as your own personal guide, able to solve any problem that you might encounter in your real estate journey. We assist you from the first viewing of the apartment, mortgage signing, meeting your tenants up to the annual utility settlement.

Our resources include legal counsellors, financial analysts, accounting and reporting personnel, senior property management executives and marketing experts.

We know the market and we have built a sophisticated network of connections which we can call upon in every case to help our clients achieve the best possible deal.

Jiří Staněk

Analysis, investing, real estate

Jarda Bečka

Crisis management, Real estates

Financial know-how

Our unique knowledge and expertise gained over the years perfectly equips us to arrange the most effective financial solution for you. You can benefit from the lowest interest rates on the market and focus on more lucrative investment targets.

Perfect market knowledge

We understand the real estate market perfectly. Thanks to regular dedicated financial expertise backed by market-leading research we are able to determine the correct and highest possible rental price. We can also evaluate your property, either the one you already own or the one you are planning to buy, so you can maximize the profit and minimize the risks.

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